Kelsey is a spatial strategist, social designer, and creative observationist at the convergence of planning policy, climate justice, and social change.

My alternative healer told me
I had a lot of pressure in my sacrum
And was I carrying a weight.

My somatic coach told me
I leaned far forward when I spoke
And was I able to stay in my center.

My doctor told me
I was presenting significant depression…

Everyone but Aquarians hate February
and for good reason:
the weather is terrible and the reality
of all of our shiny resolutions have worn dull.
Drowning in hyper-commercialized displays
of affection, the shortest mont of the year
somehow seems the longest.

But our love of summer is borne
from mid-February:
the time we mentally and physically
stand on the cliff of our tolerance
for dealing in darkness
so sure we cannot possibly take
one more day of this
And in our taking of this,
since there is not much else to do,
we begin to dream through our restlessness
of a time that will be better suited
for all we want to do.

Everyone but Aquarians hate February
and for good reason:
the weather is terrible and by its oppressive nature
it temporarily takes all the unbelievers
against their will
with us
turning the restless into revolutionaries.

In the 1800s, James Hutton tried to convince a disbelieving world
that geologically speaking
the earth was millions of years older than we had been told
that the earth’s story did not abide by God time
but by deep time:
4.5 billion years instead of 6,000. …

Gabby Petito is missing
one of frankly hundreds of women that go missing
every year, at the hands of men
who do not know how to manage their feelings.
I read the news between swipes on Bumble
thinking how Brian Laundrie
had a lot to hide.

Tony talks to me…

I find our shadow in the corners

of my bathroom,

but to everyone else

it looks like spiders.

I bag the latest, my fifth this month,

as it skitters around in its crinkled Ziploc forcefield.

I send a picture, my hand for scale,

and my Snapchat notifications start going off

The world is full of horrors.

The world has been full of horrors.

The world will be full of horrors.

And yet

is it possible

that there is also more good

happening right now

on Earth (in 2021)

than at any other time

in terms of:

People knowing things.

People donating things.

People finding ways to be of service to things.

People speaking truths of things.

People trying harder at things.

People paying attention to things.

People wanting to be in relation to things.

People believing horrors

are things

to be changed

rather than endured.

Liminal Space

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